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Emotion code

With the help of the subconscious, trapped emotions can be traced and released in face-to-face sessions as well as remotely


What are enclosed emotions?

We all carry around "emotional baggage" due to painful life events. Even though we often can't see it or make it out, the emotions we have made in the past that have shaped and influenced us in one way or another are very real and contribute significantly to our well-being.

This ballast can easily affect satisfaction, success and health. The more it accumulates over time, the more we are influenced in our actions and feelings, partly stand in our own way and feel depressed and weighed down in an inexplicable way.

Emotion Code Certified Practioner

These trapped emotions usually seek out an already weakened part of the body and take up residence there. Over time, however, this ballast becomes so overwhelming that symptoms can develop, such as physical or emotional problems. These problems complicate our daily lives and prevent us from finding our true strength. With the help of the Emotion Code Method, the trapped emotions can be very precisely located and dissolved.

It is a wonderful feeling to see the positive change in people who have been freed from their emotional ballast. And who would not like to feel freer and lighter?

What is a heart wall


What is a heart wall

The more intense an experience, the more likely it is that our heart has built up a "heart wall" as a protective barrier because of these negative experiences.

Grief, injuries and loss can sometimes hit us very hard. But this actually well-intentioned protection by a wall can have a negative effect on our everyday life, our feelings. It can affect our love life, our social life, our health or the level of financial prosperity we would be able to achieve, to our detriment. And this again releases frustrations in us that we don't really need.

But this "energetic wall" can also be successfully dissolved in 2-4 sessions. The feeling that comes afterwards is indescribable. Clients often describe that they suddenly feel freer, more carefree and much more content. Situations or people also enter their lives that they would have only dreamed of before. This is simply because their heart can now send out completely different energetic vibrations.

Price per session 65,- Euro
(also applicable on children and animals)

Energetic healing

Energeticy flows


Energetic healing

Energeticy flows

Due to my African roots and the fact that my family on my father's side have been energetically healing for several generations, this kind of energy flow has also been formally laid in my cradle. I am very grateful to my grandmother for the gift I inherited from her. She was a very respected healer in her village and people came to her for advice or for energetic treatment. Through her confident and wise demeanour, she gave support to many people. Thank you, dear grandma, that I resemble you in so many ways.

It is a wonderful but at the same time very effective way to send out healing and energetic vibrations that can help you or your animal in the necessary healing processes, whether physical or mental. necessary processes of healing, whether physical or psychological. The effect can often be noticed immediately after the sessions. However, some clients only notice a sudden improvement a few days or weeks later. This just shows how different we humans are.

Price per session 55.00 Euro

Other coaching activities


Other coaching activities

  • Health prevention coach for stress and burnout, mobbing (price on request)
  • Mourning counselling price on request
  • Systemic coach

Coaching 60,00 Euro/hour

  • Energy-Life Balance Massage (with clothing)

35.00 Euro (45 min)

  • Individual conversations:
    Sometimes it is enough to simply have an intensive conversation with a person outside the circle of family or acquaintances in order to get a a new perspective or a different feeling about a stressful situation. I am happy to offer you the opportunity to get to know me personally in a short conversation (20 minutes). Afterwards you can decide how it felt for you and whether you would like to book an individual conversation with me.

Price for a clarifying conversation 55,- Euro