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Über mich

I had to face many difficult challenges in this life too.

Jasmin Pope

Hypnose Coach & energetische Behandlung

Jasmin Pope

Jasmin Pope

Coach für Hypnose, Motivation, Gesprächs Coach und Reiki

But the trick is how to deal with these adversities that stand in your way and to recognize the personal benefit in them. My motto is "There is always a solution"

The last three years I lived in Cornwall, England with my family.

There I did my Reiki and hypnosis training. Through a longer disease phase I had to return to Germany where I then completed the hypnosis training in Germany.

I have learned the profession of secretary and clerk for office communication. I worked in this area for several years before I started to have children.

Now I want to help people to help themselves.

If you have been contacted by my website and you can imagine working with me then I would be very happy about a personal message from you.

Best wishes
Yours Jasmin

And that's me too ...

Vollblut Mama

And that's me too ...

- "thoroughbred mum" of 4 children
- spiritual
- "authentically" different
- Rock in the surf for my family and friends
- very intuitive

Professional background

Beruflicher Werdegang

Professional background

- Study of Social Education
- worked 1 year in a women's shelter
- secretary- Support worker in England
- Reiki education (England)
- Hypnosis Education (England and Germany)

It would be really lovely if you give me your trust to work together on your request.